Forestsport 2016 program



Druviena, Latvija



FRIDAY, 2016/08/19


 - Arrival to Druviena site (,26.2860446/@57.1252041,26.285381,453m/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=lv&hl=lv), encamping. Free evening program: supper (we’ll prepare it together), Indian wigwam sauna, get-together communication, good music, relaxation.


SATURDAY, 2016/08/20

-  Breakfast, registration of participants, introductory seminar and finally - Forest Sport 2016 competition.

Detailed information on competition program and rules will be provided during participant registration and special seminar dedicated to explain the course and main rules of the contest. There will be also a separate “sport-cognitive” program for children.

Events of the Forest Sport 2016 competition:

-           An orienteering (run) in a forest with various in-between tasks

-           A relay with a course of various obstacles and fanciful tasks, called „A Sector of Forest Obstacles“

After the contest and prize giving ceremony there will be a real Indian sauna will be stoked, a large cauldron with a ram soup will be served, music will play and the communication will go on. Thematic music and movie night will be served for those who will stay awake...


SUNDAY, 2016/08/21

Sour cabbage soup and breakfast. As always, there will be an excursion to local must-see places.



P.S. All willing to help with preparation of the event and to spend more time in a beautiful place communicating with friendly people are welcome to arrive to Druviena already on Wednesday (2016/08/17) or Thursday (2016/08/18).


For more information on Forest Sport 2016 contest please visit (information is being regularly updated).

Host of the Event: LATTRACK SIA (Latvia)

Contact person in Latvia: Andris Blakis, tel. +371 22 036 151;